Video: Ontsluieren van het Universum: is alles Levend?

Unveiling the Universe: Is Everything Alive? (25:55)

Is the universe alive and aware? Have we too narrowly defined what being alive means based due to our human biases?

Take a journey with me as I discuss the movement of the solar system, stars, Milky Way galaxy, and super structures like Laniakea and the cosmic web.

  • What is the galaxy doing as a whole system?
  • Is it a type of super organism beyond our understanding?
  • What exactly is life?
  • Have we too narrowly defined it based on our human biases?
  • Why is it so hard to pin down where life starts and stops?
  • Are we all part of the same universal process?

All that and more in this video.

Thanks for watching!

Credits: DJ SADHU –    • The helical model…

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