Let’s talk about the force!

(door Kevin Manke)

The last month i started to write and talk about my experiences and observations in this reality, in german. What i feel since a few weeks is even to start in english. To open new fields. Let’s talk about the force and who we realy are!

In the last days i had two very interesting and inspiring talks with two cosmic brothers.

We recorded it and its now published on YouTube and Odysee.

Quantum perception, fears, emotions & trauma fields

In this episode i have a very interesting and inspiring open talk with Richard Pols.

We talk about perception. Quantum perception and our impact on this reality. The effect we have by watching our own- and earthly subjects in connection with our heart-intelligence. We also talk about our experiences with thoughts, fears and traumafields and how to deal and use them.

Here you’ll find the the open talk (55:08) with Richard Pols and me

Mindcontrol, thoughts & The Power of Emotions

In this episode (41:56) i have an open talk with Eric Nordhausen.

We talk about mindcontrol and thoughts. We talk about forces and entities behind the scenes that influence us and our minds.

What is going on in our minds, are we aware of what is happening here?

We also talk about fears and emotions. We talk about how to use the Power of Emotions. We talk about how we can use our own power. Our own abilities.  

Here you’ll find the open talk with Eric Nordhausen

YouTube & Odysee

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