A Clean Escape – korte film

Geheugen, hoe is het als iemand alleen 40 minuten van zijn leven nog kan onthouden? Hoeveel gevoel of besef is er dan nog over?

Ik heb deze korte science fiction een tijdje terug bekeken en het heeft diepe indruk op mij gemaakt. En nu hen ik hem weer opgezocht, gezien de lopende tijdlijn en de verschillende kanten die het opgeduwd wordt…

Masters Of Sci-Fi S1E01 **A Clean Escape** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaG1p61hhxg (42:40)

Storyline: Dr. Deanna Evans is a psychiatrist treating Robert Havelmann who suffers from memory loss. She has been treating him for a number of months but every encounter is new to the patient since he can only remember what has happened in the previous forty minutes of so. Havelmann is in his mid-sixties but in his mind he is 41 years old and the head of a electronics firm doing secret work for the Pentagon. He is convinced that he left his wife and children that morning to go to work and simply doesn’t believe Evans when she tells him that those memories were from 24 years ago. Feeling that she is making little progress, Evans decides to use more aggressive tactics to loosen him memory and make him realize the tragedy for which he is responsible