(a chapter from the book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” door Craig Campobasso)

Universal Origin: Rigelians are from the Rigel star system in the Orion constellation.

Physical characteristics: The Rigelian’s head is shaped like an upside-down triangle, with large, pointed ears. Its eyes display a full iris with a tiny slit in the middle for a pupil, and clear eyelids, similar to a frog. Shoulders are square and taper to a thin waist. They have three extra-long fingers and a thumb with two joints, and three pronged, pitchfork-shaped feet – all clawed. Their flesh is a milky green.

Belief System: Rigelians are believed to resonate with the Cosmic Law of One.

Cosmic Agenda: Rigelians conduct scientific studies on Earth. They carefully select Earth people to explain their technology to, and share insights about their unique race. Rigelians want their contactees to share this information with the rest of the world.

Technology: Rigelians call their motherships galactic voyagers. They have specialized saucer-shaped craft that are only for interplanetary travel in certain atmospheres. Their craft have proton ion storage units that are used for rapid accelerative thrust. In the craft engine room, there are two boxes – one is a magnetic fluxerator, and the other is electrostatic. The ship’s fuel storage contains free electricity, positrons and positronium, similar to a hydrogen atom. The ships fly through a process of diamagnetism.

The metal of the outer craft is made to harmonize with a beam of highly energized photons. The binding energy of the atom created is generated outside the nucleus. These particles migrate toward the surface and manifest a magnetic field which repels all matter. The craft can be flown manually or by robots. They have an operating base, a planet in our galaxy. Through a black stone shaped like two triangular bottoms fitted together, worn around their neck, various areas on their craft open by touching the tip of the stone to the wall. The stone is programmed with the key sequence.

Consciousness Abilities: Rigelians are fully conscious and sovereign beings. Their language is a vocalization of chirping, squeaks, and long and short kissing noises. When speaking with other races, both parties wear a headband – the telepathic translator – where wires are inserted into the brain. These wires scan and pick up wave patterns, relaying messages in one language and then connect to the wave patterns of the other person, passing along the message in their language. Because this is a connected conversation, from brain to brain, the brain stores the entire conversation, and both parties are able to to recall the conversation as if being looped on a tape.

Dimensional Capacity: Rigelians are able to travel in the matter and antimatter universe.

From: The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics (MUFON) Paperback by Craig Campobasso 


(a chapter from the book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” by Craig Campobasso. Dutch translation below)

Universal Origin: Cassiopeians originated in the Cassiopeia constellation.

Physical Characteristics: Cassiopeians are indistinguishable from Earth humans, except for clear webbing between their fingers that’s unnoticeable unless their fingers are spread apart. This feature developed over time, as they are avid swimmers and lovers of ocean life. Their slim bodies skim through water the way dolphins glide across the surf.

Belief Systems: Cassiopeians believe in the Cosmic Law of One. Water is sacred to them and is purified by the created beings on their world and stored in clear quartz crystal vats. Goddesses meditate over the vats to infuse the liquid with love. The Cassiopeians’ devout practice in water purification has greatly benefited them internally and externally, the purified water has activated a crystalline matrix within the blood cells that gives them endurance unlike any other species. Its influence on the brain’s cellular structure has expanded the capacity of storage beyond 100 percent and has categorized them as superhumans.

Cosmic Agenda: Cassiopeians are part of the Galacterian Alignment and participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program.

They study oceans on their world and on other worlds. Communication with sea creatures is either through telepathic static or moving pictures, or by telepathically speaking their language through a mind-extension apparatus.

The Cassiopeians are looking forward to meeting their extended family on Earth. Many from their system are stationed in galactic command centers above or below our planet. They are excited when measuring the planetary consciousness as a whole and bear witness to our spiritual elevation. Star seeds from Cassiopeia are usually focused on environmental issues, especially ridding the oceans of pollution.

Technology: Cassiopeians have Galacterian motherships, starships, thought-ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. They also have specialized water ships similar to the spiritual engineering of a Merkabah ship, based on liquid light principles. Riding in one of these craft makes one feel light as a feather, and mind clarity increases one thousand-fold. It’s likened to nirvana.

Their thought-ships, fleet ships, and scout ships are just as agile in the water as in the air, in complete control of the elements. The Cassiopeians helped create underwater technology that is used throughout the Galactic Kingdom. Upon entry into any body of water, a slippery cocoon of light surrounds the craft, the protective barrier that allows the ship to slide through liquid with ease. It is also designed to not disturb ocean life.

All their craft and command centers use water-based biological supercomputers, as if they were living creatures from the sea. All craft are able to travel through time-space funnels and the innerspace continuum. They are developing a wormhole transport made from liquid light, a fluid infused with divine consciousness, capable of bending space to other universes.

Their healing tools are water- and crystalline-based. With their heightened mental clarity, they astral travel to higher realms and bring back sacred light, brilliant opalescent colors, and infuse their healing wands, beds, and chambers with this light in weightless liquid form.

Consciousness Abilities: Cassiopeians are fully conscious and sovereign beings. Besides being astute telepaths, they have an extra ability unique to their race: When speaking mind to mind, there is the usual attachment to feelings of the experience – but another dimension is added, a conscious union to the Living Library of Akasha that enhances the story with the amount of spiritual elevation gleaned from the sender’s lesson at hand. The receiver also elevates, almost half of the sender, just by being brought into the experience on an unfathomable depth of soul connectivity.

Dimensional Capacity: Cassiopeians have multirealm commandership. The Cassiopeians are experts at quantum physics. They understand that like the rings inside a tree trunk that reveal its age, the universal dimensional folds go back to the beginning of time. Dimensions in this universal theater are endless, just like the multiverse creation.

Cassiopeians (NL vertaling)

Universele oorsprong: Cassiopeians komen van het sterrenbeeld Cassiopeia.

Fysieke eigenschappen: Cassiopeians zijn niet te onderscheiden van aardse mensen, behalve het specifieke weefsel tussen hun vingers dat onmerkbaar is tenzij hun vingers uit elkaar zijn gespreid. Deze functie is in de loop der tijd ontwikkeld, omdat ze fervente zwemmers en liefhebbers van het oceaanleven zijn. Hun slanke lichamen scheren door het water zoals dolfijnen over de branding glijden.

Overtuigingen: Cassiopeians geloven in de Kosmische Wet van Eén. Water is heilig voor hen en wordt gezuiverd door de geschapen wezens op hun wereld en opgeslagen in heldere kwartskristallen vaten. Godinnen mediteren over de vaten om de vloeistof met liefde te bezielen. De toegewijde beoefening van waterzuivering van de Cassiopeians heeft hen zowel intern als extern enorm veel profijt gebracht, het gezuiverde water heeft een kristallijne matrix in de bloedcellen geactiveerd die hen uithoudingsvermogen geeft in vergelijking met andere soorten. De invloed ervan op de cellulaire structuur van de hersenen heeft de opslagcapaciteit tot meer dan 100 procent vergroot en heeft ze als supermensen gecategoriseerd.

Kosmische Agenda: Cassiopeians maken deel uit van de Galacterian Alignment en nemen deel aan het Melchizedek Star Seed Program.

Ze bestuderen oceanen op hun wereld en op andere werelden. Communicatie met zeedieren gebeurt ofwel via telepathische statische of bewegende beelden, ofwel door telepathisch hun taal uit te spreken via een apparaat, die hun mind uitbreidt.

De Cassiopeians kijken ernaar uit om hun grotere familie op Aarde te ontmoeten. Velen van hun systeem zijn gestationeerd in galactische commandocentra boven of onder onze planeet. Ze zijn heel blij bij het meten van het collectieve planetaire bewustzijn om getuigen te zijn van onze spirituele verheffing. Sterrenzaden van Cassiopeia richten zich meestal op milieukwesties, met name van de oceanen van vervuiling ontdoen.

Technologie: Cassiopeians hebben Galacteriaanse moederschepen, ruimteschepen, gedachteschepen, vlootschepen en verkenningsschepen. Ze hebben ook gespecialiseerde waterschepen, vergelijkbaar met de spirituele techniek van een Merkabah-schip, gebaseerd op principes van vloeibaar licht. Als je in een van deze vaartuigen rijdt, voel je je zo licht als een veertje, en de helderheid van de geest wordt duizendvoudig vergroot. Het wordt vergeleken met nirvana.

Hun gedachteschepen, vlootschepen en verkenningsschepen zijn net zo wendbaar in het water als in de lucht, met volledige controle over de elementen. De Cassiopeians hielpen bij het creëren van onderwatertechnologie die in het hele Galactische Koninkrijk wordt gebruikt. Bij binnenkomst in een waterlichaam omringt een glibberige lichtcocon het vaartuig, de beschermende barrière waardoor het schip gemakkelijk door vloeistof kan glijden. Het is ook ontworpen om het leven in de oceaan niet te verstoren.

Al hun vaartuigen en commandocentra gebruiken op water gebaseerde biologische supercomputers, alsof ze levende wezens uit de zee zijn. Alle vaartuigen zijn in staat om door tijd-ruimtetrechters en het continuüm van de binnenruimte te reizen. Ze ontwikkelen een wormgattransport gemaakt van vloeibaar licht, een vloeistof doordrenkt met goddelijk bewustzijn, in staat om de ruimte naar andere universa te buigen.

Hun helende hulpmiddelen zijn op water en kristallijn gebaseerd. Met hun verhoogde mentale helderheid reizen ze astraal naar hogere rijken en brengen heilig licht, schitterende opalachtige kleuren terug, en doordrenken hun helende staven, bedden en ruimtes met dit licht in gewichtloze vloeibare vorm.

Bewustzijnsvaardigheden: Cassiopeians zijn volledig bewuste en soevereine wezens. Behalve dat ze kundige telepaten zijn, hebben ze een extra vermogen dat uniek is voor hun ras: wanneer ze van mind tot mind spreken, is er de gebruikelijke gehechtheid aan gevoelsbeleving van de ervaring – maar er wordt een andere dimensie toegevoegd, een bewuste koppeling met de Levende Bibliotheek van Akasha die het verhaal intense maakt met geestelijke verheffing door het uit te breiden met de les die van en uit de concrete afzender/ verteller komt. De ontvanger wordt ook verheven, bijna voor de helft van de verteller, gewoon door in de ervaring te worden gebracht op een onpeilbare diepte van zielsconnectiviteit.

Dimensionale capaciteit: Cassiopeians hebben multirealm-commandoschip. De Cassiopeians zijn experts in de kwantumfysica. Ze begrijpen dat, net als de ringen in een boomstam die zijn leeftijd onthullen, de universele dimensionale plooien teruggaan naar het begin der tijden. De dimensies in dit universele theater zijn eindeloos, net als de creatie van het multiversum.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac: The Ultimate Guide to Greys, Reptilians, Hybrids, and Nordics (MUFON) Paperback by Craig Campobasso  ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1590033043

Human Sirians

(a chapter from the book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” door Craig Campobasso. Other chapters also talk about Blue Sirian Beings and Titan Sirian Beings)

Universal Origin: Human Sirians are from Sirius B, a white dwarf star, in the Canis Major constellation.

Physical Characteristics: Human Sirians are indistinguishable from Earth humans. Men range from six foot five to eight feet (ca 195 -245 cm). Women are six to seven feet (183 -213 cm). Human Sirian bodies are very well proportioned, with attractive facial features. They are the perfect marriage of physicality and the soul. Their auras vibrate at such a high rate that one can sense their tremendous clarity. They have attained the ultimate human potential in their personal and social life. Human Sirians live in joy, learn in light, and open their hearts to everyone. They empower one another; their race has tremendous self-worth. Their coloring is spectral, sometimes patterned, but most are light skinned or brown. Their eye colors are brown, green, blue, violet, and occasionally a mixture of one or more colors. Looking into their expressive eyes is like travelling through time, gaining access to windows of love in every dimension.

Belief Systems: Human Sirians follow the Cosmic Law of One. They are conscious of their higher self, of transcendental reality, of the Oneness of All Creation. They are aware that our true state is love, peace, light and harmony. Some star nations call them blissful spiritual warriors. They align to the universal spirit for spiritual sustenance, mind expansion, energy and inspiration.

Cosmic Agenda: Some of the greatest Galacterian Alignment science commanders are Human Sirians. They also participate in the Melchizedek Star Seed Program. Their star seeds on Earth are masters at psychic protection, aura amplification, DNA rejuvenation, and energy balancing. 

Imprinted in our mind is the awareness of our soul, our spirit connected to the One Spirit, and once we awaken to the greater reality the Human Sirians will tutor us in the ways of the universe from behind the veil. Once we become fully conscious, they will tutor us in person.

Technology: Human Sirians have Galacterian motherships, starships, thought-ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All their craft and command centers use biological supercomputers.

They have the same Galacterian healing technologies as other star nations, but they also have created some unique technology of their own. Perhaps the most popular piece of tech is the cellular generator. When they stand on a circular disc that flutters with molecule-like stars, a blue flame rises to engulf the body. As this fire enriches every cell, rejuvenation occurs, and the cells are amplified to a divine resonation.

Consciousness Abilities: Human Sirians are fully conscious, sovereign and telepathic beings. They have devices that increase their telepathic reception over longer ranges.

They extensively astral travel the astral-verse and sift through layers of consciousness. The megadata is then brought back home to enhance all of cosmic civilizations.

Dimensional Capacity: Human Sirians have multirealm commandership. They are able to reassemble their physical bodies or any matter from one location to another through a molecular stimulation of light codes. They can sweep an entire civilization from one location to another.

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Menselijke Sirianen (NL vertaling)

Universele oorsprong: Menselijke Sirianen zijn van Sirius B, een witte dwergster, in het sterrenbeeld Canis Major.

Fysieke eigenschappen: Menselijke Sirianen zijn niet te onderscheiden van aardse mensen. Mannen variëren van zes voet vijf tot acht voet (~195 -245 cm). Vrouwen zijn zes tot zeven voet (~183 -213 cm). Menselijke Siriaanse lichamen zijn zeer goed geproportioneerd, met aantrekkelijke gelaatstrekken. Ze zijn het perfecte huwelijk tussen het fysieke en de ziel. Hun aura’s trillen met zo’n hoge snelheid dat je hun enorme helderheid kunt voelen. Ze hebben het ultieme menselijke potentieel bereikt in hun persoonlijke en sociale leven. Menselijke Sirianen leven in vreugde, leren in licht en openen hun hart voor iedereen. Ze versterken elkaar; hun ras heeft een enorme eigenwaarde. Hun kleur is van een breed spectrum, soms met een patroon, maar de meeste hebben een lichte huid of zijn bruin. Hun oogkleuren zijn bruin, groen, blauw, violet en soms een mengsel van meer kleuren. In hun expressieve ogen kijken voelt als een reis door de tijd, toegang krijgen tot ramen van liefde in elke dimensie.

Overtuigingssystemen: Menselijke Sirianen volgen de Kosmische Wet van Eén. Ze zijn zich bewust van hun hogere zelf, van transcendentale realiteit, van de Eenheid van de hele schepping. Ze zijn zich ervan bewust dat onze ware staat liefde, vrede, licht en harmonie is. Sommige sterrennaties noemen ze gelukzalige spirituele krijgers. Ze stemmen af ​​op de universele geest voor spirituele voeding, geestverruiming, energie en inspiratie.

Kosmische Agenda: Enkele van de grootste wetenschappelijke commandanten van Galacterian Alignment zijn menselijke Sirianen. Ze nemen ook deel aan het Melchizedek Star Seed Program. Hun sterzaden op aarde zijn meesters in psychische bescherming, auraversterking, DNA-verjonging en energiebalansering.

In onze geest is het bewustzijn van onze ziel geprent, onze geest verbonden met de Ene Geest, en als we eenmaal ontwaken voor de grotere realiteit, zullen de Menselijke Sirianen ons onderwijzen in de wegen van het universum van achter de sluier. Zodra we volledig bij bewustzijn zijn, zullen ze ons persoonlijk begeleiden.

Technologie: Menselijke Sirianen hebben Galacteriaanse moederschepen, ruimteschepen, gedachteschepen, vlootschepen en verkenningsschepen. Al hun schepen en commandocentra gebruiken biologische supercomputers.

Ze hebben dezelfde Galacteriaanse genezingstechnologieën als andere sterrennaties, maar ze hebben ook een aantal unieke eigen technologie gecreëerd. Misschien wel het meest populaire stukje technologie is de cellulaire generator. Wanneer ze op een cirkelvormige schijf staan ​​die fladdert met molecuulachtige sterren, stijgt een blauwe vlam op om het lichaam te omhullen. Omdat dit vuur elke cel verrijkt, vindt verjonging plaats en worden de cellen versterkt tot een goddelijke resonantie.

Bewustzijnsvaardigheden: Menselijke Sirianen zijn volledig bewuste, soevereine en telepathische wezens. Ze hebben apparaten die hun telepathische ontvangst over grotere afstanden vergroten.

Ze reizen intensief door het astrale in het astraal-vers en ziften door lagen van bewustzijn. De megadata wordt vervolgens mee naar huis genomen om alle kosmische beschavingen daarmee te verrijken.

Dimensionale capaciteit: Menselijke Sirianen zijn multidimensionale commanders. Ze zijn in staat om hun fysieke lichaam of welke materie dan ook uit elkaar en weer in elkaar te zetten van de ene locatie naar de andere door middel van een moleculaire stimulatie van lichtcodes. Ze kunnen een hele beschaving van de ene locatie naar de andere overseinen.


Universal Origin: Watchers are from Central Control, the nerve center of the universe.

Physical Characteristics: Watchers are indistinguishable from Earth humans, although they are taller. General height for females is five eleven to seven feet and for males is six to eight feet. They are elders of the Universe, ascended and created masters, indefinable by age, and have a variety of skin tones. Their hair is usually long and snowflake-colored. Some male Watchers prefer facial hair of various lengths. Other Watchers choose a more youthful appearance.

Belief Systems: Watchers believe in the Cosmic Law of One. As every being is sovereign, they monitor younger races to protect them from aggressive races that might rape and pillage their lands or cause harm to the populace.

Cosmic Agenda: The Watchers work in unison with the Galacterian Alignment and are sort of the caretakers of worlds. From galactic command centers located within the inner Earth around the globe, they monitor and record the daily comings and goings of Earth’s society. They watch over people of interest, including its leaders, aggressive citizens thinking about perpetrating negative acts against humanity, and invited, unannounced, and restricted otherworldly visitors. They send daily reports to the universal hierarchy with recommendations that will not interfere with the evolution of the planetary consciousness and their right to ascend.

If an aggressive race is trying to infiltrate a world secretly or by direct contact, the Watchers report it, and the hierarchy sends a universal emissary/ created being to present another choice to the leaders so that the planet does not become enslaved.

Aggressive races manipulate cosmic law and entrap naïve, vulnerable younger worlds not smart enough to understand these space swindlers are slowly taking over their world. Once a malevolent race has been invited to a world by its leader(s), there is nothing the hierarchal councils can do except wait for an infraction. All the younger dualistic world sees is space technology and other technological advances being dangled in their faces. The end result is a nation’s greed at their citizens’ expense.

Technology: The Watchers use the state-of the art biological supercomputers that are living creatures at the avatar level. They are able to record from second to second every living thing on Earth, its soul history and evolution, keeping a watchful eye on the progress of star seeds, planetary births and deaths, and more. In each command center a giant real-time duplicate on the Earth is erected, from which the watchers monitor atomics, wars, environmental pollutants, nuclear radiation, the depletion of the ozone layer, and toxic waste, among other things. If an area requires immediate attention, reports are made and immediately sent to the hierarchy at Central Control. The cosmic rule of noninterference with younger worlds and how the affect their environment still applies. The exception to this rule includes things that bleed into the universe and adversely affect interdimensional realities and other worlds – pollutants, atomics, etc. Also, the Earth is being groomed for induction into the Galacterian Alignment of Space Peoples and Planets, so there are certain measures and precautions that have to be adhered to.

Consciousness Abilities: Watchers have avatar and solar consciousness. They can send a person-to-person message to any individual to open a nonurgent telepathic message waiting in their consciousness inbox.

Dimensional Capacity: Think of the Watchers as the caretakers of the dimensions and its life.

From: The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac by Craig Campobasso


Watchers (NL vertaling)

Universal Origin: Watchers komen uit Central Control, het zenuwcentrum van het universum.

Fysieke eigenschappen: Watchers zijn niet te onderscheiden van aardse mensen, hoewel ze groter zijn. De algemene lengte voor vrouwen is vijf elf tot zeven voet en voor mannen is zes tot acht voet. Ze zijn de oudsten van het Universum, geascendeerde en geschapen meesters, ondefinieerbaar qua leeftijd, en hebben een verscheidenheid aan huidtinten. Hun haar is meestal lang en sneeuwvlokkleurig. Sommige mannelijke Watchers geven de voorkeur aan gezichtshaar van verschillende lengtes. Andere Watchers kiezen voor een meer jeugdige uitstraling.

Belief Systems: Watchers geloven in de Kosmische Wet van Eén. Omdat elk wezen soeverein is, volgen ze jongere rassen om hen te beschermen tegen agressieve rassen die hun land zouden kunnen verkrachten en plunderen of de bevolking schade kunnen berokkenen.

Cosmic Agenda: The Watchers werken samen met de Galacterian Alignment en zijn een soort hoeders van werelden. Vanuit galactische commandocentra die zich in de binnenste aarde over de hele wereld bevinden, volgen en registreren ze het dagelijkse komen en gaan van de aardse samenleving. Ze waken over mensen van belang, inclusief de leiders, agressieve burgers die plannen hebben over het plegen van negatieve daden tegen de menselijkheid, en uitgenodigde, onaangekondigde en beperkte buitenaardse bezoekers. Ze sturen dagelijkse rapporten naar de universele hiërarchie met aanbevelingen die de evolutie van het planetaire bewustzijn en hun recht om te ascenderen niet zullen belemmeren.

Als een agressief ras in het geheim of door direct contact een wereld probeert te infiltreren, rapporteren the Watchers dit, en de hiërarchie stuurt een universele afgezant / geschapen wezen om een ​​andere keuze aan de leiders te presenteren, zodat de planeet niet tot slaaf wordt gemaakt.

Agressieve rassen manipuleren de kosmische wet en vangen naïeve, kwetsbare jongere werelden die niet slim genoeg zijn om te begrijpen dat deze ruimtezwendelaars langzaam hun wereld overnemen. Als een kwaadwillend ras eenmaal door zijn leider(s) naar een wereld is uitgenodigd, kunnen de hiërarchische raden niets anders doen dan wachten op een overtreding. Alles wat de jongere dualistische wereld ziet, is ruimtetechnologie en andere technologische vooruitgang die in hun gezicht wordt gegooid. Het eindresultaat is de hebzucht van een natie ten koste van hun burgers.

Technologie: The Watchers gebruiken de ultramoderne biologische supercomputers die levende wezens zijn op avatarniveau. Ze zijn in staat om van seconde tot seconde elk levend wezen op aarde vast te leggen, zijn zielengeschiedenis en evolutie, en houden de voortgang van sterrenzaden, planetaire geboorten en sterfgevallen, en meer in de gaten. In elk commandocentrum wordt een gigantisch real-time duplicaat van de aarde opgericht, van waaruit de kijkers onder meer atoomstromen, oorlogen, milieuverontreinigende stoffen, nucleaire straling, de aantasting van de ozonlaag en giftig afval in de gaten houden. Als een gebied onmiddellijke aandacht eist, worden meldingen gemaakt en direct verzonden naar de hiërarchie bij Central Control. De kosmische regel van niet-inmenging met jongere werelden en wat voor invloed ze op hun omgeving hebben is nog steeds van toepassing. De uitzondering op deze regel omvat dingen die het universum bereiken en een nadelige invloed hebben op interdimensionale werkelijkheden en andere werelden – verontreinigende stoffen, atoomenergie-incidenten, enz. Ook wordt de aarde klaargestoomd voor introductie in de Galactische Alliantie van ruimtevolkeren en planeten, dus er zijn bepaalde maatregelen en voorzorgsmaatregelen die moeten worden nageleefd.

Bewustzijnsvaardigheden: Watchers hebben avatar- en zonnebewustzijn. Ze kunnen een persoonlijk bericht naar elk individu sturen om een ​​niet-dringend telepathisch bericht te openen dat in hun bewustzijnsinbox wacht.

Dimensionale capaciteit: beschouw de Watchers als de wijsheidshoeders van de dimensies en hun leven.


In het boek “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” door Craig Campobasso kun je lezen over verschillende beschavingen. Informatie is verschillend, maar gaat vaak over hun oorsprong, uiterlijke kenmerken, overtuigingen en kosmische doelen, maar ook over technologie. Als voorbeeld, wil ik hier een fragment delen, die over één van de beschavingen uit Alpha Centauri. Er zijn contacten tussen hen en mensen geweest in Peru, maar ook in Spanje. Daarover vertelt Ricardo Gonzalez op zijn site (Spaans, heir in het Engels). Het kort stukje uit het boek is in het Engels en daarna ook in het Nederlands vertaald.


Universal Origin: Apunians hail from Alpha Centauri, one of the brightest stars in the southern sky, which is in the Centaurus constellation. The first reports of these human extraterrestrials were in the Peruvian Andes in the early fifties. The inhabitants of the Andes, the Quechua people, came in contact with the Alpha Centaurians and named them Apunians in honor of the mountains. Apu in Quecha means “Lord, protector, and spirit of the mountains.”

Physical Characteristics: Apunians are an attractive, Nordic-looking race and are basically indistinguishable from Earth humans except they are taller. Females are six foot five to nine feet. Males are six foot nine to twelve feet.

Belief System: Apunians follow the Cosmic Law of One. They are aware of the higher self/oversoul, and of the transcendental reality that unifies the whole of Creation. Apunians say that there are 1 019 000 civilizations in the universe.

Cosmic Agenda: They are masters at transforming negative energy. They embrace complete service to the citizens of all worlds, and consider themselves brothers and sisters to all. They are protectors of younger races and respectful of all life, and care for all sentient life equally. These words are not a part of their vocabulary: advantage, favoritism, prefereces, privilege. The Apunians feel a deep connection to assist us in raising our vibration into a higher consciousness, as they have merged their own consciousness with their higher self, to ultimately gain full access into universally awake and aware consciousness. They have been visiting our world for a very long time, choosing heart-based contactees to spread the word of their existence and message of brotherly love.

Apunians assist the poor regions in Peru by healing their sick and making it rain for their crops, among other humanitarian deeds. Apunian contactee and author Ricardo Gonzalez (see his site information below) clarifies that they don’t overstep, though, saying, “The extraterrestrials may support us, but they will never solve our problems. The real contact is with ourselves.”

Technology: Apunians have an impressive assortment of Galacterian motherships, starships, thought-ships, fleet ships, and scout ships. All their craft and command centers use biological supercomputers. Other ships are shaped like winged birds, butterflies, cylinders, pears, and clover leaves. Their display screens can go backward and forward in time, projecting the historical past of any planet or person who stands before the screen, including images of a person’s thoughts.

Apunians can contact other worlds through an artificially created space-time bubble they call a Xendra. The Xendra is where their physical reality and our physical reality converge to meet and converse. Think of it as a half-orbed light portal above ground between two worlds.

Apunians move around on their planet through a levitation apparatus connected to their belt, ankles, and wrists. The device is teeming with positive ions, and when in use their weight condenses, allowing them to move at the required speed. They can zip across the air, stop on a dime, move horizontally or vertically, elevate or descend. (From the book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac” by Craig Campobasso )


Nederlands (machine vertaling)

Universele Oorsprong: Apuniërs komen van Alpha Centauri, een van de helderste sterren aan de zuidelijke hemel, die in het Centaurus sterrenbeeld staat. De eerste meldingen van deze menselijke buitenaardsen waren in de Peruaanse Andes in de vroege vijftiger jaren. De bewoners van de Andes, het Quechua volk, kwamen in contact met de Alpha Centauriërs en noemden hen Apuniërs ter ere van de bergen. Apu in het Quecha betekent “Heer, beschermer, en geest van de bergen.”

Uiterlijke kenmerken: De Apuniërs zijn een aantrekkelijk, Scandinavisch uitziend ras en in wezen niet te onderscheiden van de mensen op aarde, behalve dat ze langer zijn. Vrouwen zijn 1,80 tot 1,80 meter. De mannen zijn 1,80 tot 1,80 meter.

Geloofssysteem: Apuniërs volgen de Kosmische Wet van Een. Zij zijn zich bewust van het hogere zelf/overziel, en van de transcendentale werkelijkheid die de gehele Schepping verenigt. Apuniërs zeggen dat er 1.019.000 beschavingen in het universum zijn.

Kosmische Doelen: Zij zijn meesters in het transformeren van negatieve energie. Zij omarmen volledige dienstbaarheid aan de burgers van alle werelden, en beschouwen zichzelf als broeders en zusters van allen. Zij zijn beschermers van jongere rassen en respectvol voor alle leven, en dragen zorg voor alle gevoelsleven in gelijke mate. Deze woorden komen niet voor in hun vocabulaire: voordeel, vriendjespolitiek, voorkeursbehandeling, voorrecht. De Apuniërs voelen een diepe verbondenheid om ons te helpen onze vibratie te verhogen naar een hoger bewustzijn, aangezien zij hun eigen bewustzijn hebben samengesmolten met hun hogere zelf, om uiteindelijk volledige toegang te krijgen tot het universeel wakkere en bewuste bewustzijn. Zij bezoeken onze wereld al heel lang en kiezen contactpersonen uit hun hart om het woord van hun bestaan en boodschap van broederlijke liefde te verspreiden.

Apuniërs helpen de arme gebieden in Peru door hun zieken te genezen en het te laten regenen voor hun gewassen, naast andere humanitaire daden. Apunisch contactpersoon en auteur Ricardo Gonzalez (zie zijn site-informatie hieronder) verduidelijkt echter dat zij niet te ver gaan, door te zeggen: “De buitenaardsen kunnen ons steunen, maar zij zullen nooit onze problemen oplossen. Het echte contact ligt bij onszelf.”

Technologie: De Apuniërs hebben een indrukwekkend assortiment Galactische moederschepen, sterrenschepen, gedachteschepen, vlootschepen en verkenningsschepen. Al hun vaartuigen en commandocentra maken gebruik van biologische supercomputers. Andere schepen hebben de vorm van gevleugelde vogels, vlinders, cilinders, peren en klaverbladeren. Hun beeldschermen kunnen terug- en vooruitgaan in de tijd en het historische verleden projecteren van elke planeet of persoon die voor het scherm staat, inclusief beelden van iemands gedachten.

Apunians kunnen contact maken met andere werelden via een kunstmatig gecreëerde ruimte-tijdbel die zij een Xendra noemen. De Xendra is waar hun fysieke werkelijkheid en onze fysieke werkelijkheid samenkomen om elkaar te ontmoeten en te converseren. Zie het als een half-verbonden lichtportaal boven de grond tussen twee werelden.

Apunians bewegen zich op hun planeet voort door een levitatie-apparaat dat verbonden is met hun riem, enkels en polsen. Het apparaat krioelt van de positieve ionen, en als ze het gebruiken condenseert hun gewicht, waardoor ze zich met de vereiste snelheid kunnen voortbewegen. Ze kunnen door de lucht zweven, op een dubbeltje stilstaan, horizontaal of verticaal bewegen, stijgen of dalen.

Vertaald met http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (gratis versie)


De site van Ricardo González: https://www.ricardogonzalezoficial.com/articulos/fenomeno-ovni/monte-perdido-encuentros-cercanos-en-los-pirineos (in Spanish -English machine translation)

Many years ago I learned of the existence of this magical enclave located in the Pyrenees: a beautiful mountain range that rises to the north of the Iberian Peninsula, between Spain, Andorra and France. Monte Perdido is its highest elevation –3,355 meters–, being, in addition, the highest calcareous mountain in Europe. Precisely this characteristic turns the area into a labyrinth of caves and tunnels – still unexplored – that enter the underground world.

Monte Perdido is, according to the extraterrestrial beings that contact us, one of its most important bases in Europe. Does this explain the various UFO reports in the region? Could legends about tunnels, “forgotten castles” and secret guardians on this mountain be a reference to the alleged alien facility?


Monte Perdido and an alleged military investigation with Remote Viewing

Already in my first book, “Los Maestros del Paititi” (Ediciones Luciérnaga, Grupo Planeta España), I cited the Pyrenees as one of the most important enclaves linked to the enigma of the underground world. We knew this from the messages that, as I said, we had received from the aliens. This information pushed me to motivate the various groups I was meeting in Spain to investigate the area. It took long years, until I met in 2009 Rosa and Diego Cintas, a couple from Barcelona who had settled in Rasal, a picturesque town in Huesca. They, like me, had been tracking the mystery of Monte Perdido for about 20 years. Getting to know each other was the first step in organizing the meetings in the Pyrenees.

But before I get to it, I can’t omit a relevant fact.

Perhaps, the publication that ignited the most interest in Monte Perdido was the news of an alleged psychic espionage experiment carried out by the United States. In this military study, the Americans would have “stumbled” on the intraterrena base that would be under the mysterious mountain of the Pyrenees.

The CIA had allegedly requested the services of a group of psychics to conduct a “remote viewing” (VR) experiment that would allow it to reveal secret military bases in Europe. “Remote viewing” is the psychic ability to receive information or impressions of an event, person, object, or place that are at a great distance. It is considered as a form of extrasensory perception. The term became known during the seventies by physicists Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ to separate it from clairvoyance. Precisely Puthoff would have been involved in the CIA study that scrutinized – among other parts of the world – Monte Perdido.

Although the matter of “remote viewing” seems like science fiction, it must be said that various hostage rescue missions, surveillance of nuclear silos, espionage of submarine technology of the former USSR as well as rescue of fighter pilots were carried out successfully thanks to the support of “VR agents”.

According to the aforementioned news, reproduced in an endless number of websites dedicated to the mystery, the information emerged as follows:

“… One of the most famous and qualified VR agents was Lieutenant F. Holmes, nicknamed “Skip”; this soldier demonstrated on several occasions and crucially his skills…

Apparently, and according to Atwater – a collaborator of the famous remote viewing researcher Robert Monroe – the then director of the CIA asked him, in 1973, to investigate with the VR technique the underground UFO bases. Puthoff would have given him four locations of possible UFO bases.

The first of them was located in Monte Perdido, in the mountains of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France…

In the documents that Puthoff presented to Atwater, he commented that the base was protected by presence detectors in a perimeter of 3 km and that the ships that left that area had a system similar to some type of electromagnetic propulsion …” (Cassandra ‘Sandy’ Frost, 2005 note).

 I must emphasize that I was never able to corroborate the source of this information involving Monte Perdido. But I must say that I found abundant material on VR experiments in military espionage, and many statements by the aforementioned physicist Harold Puthoff talking about these intelligence maneuvers that in his time were “ultra secret”. The CIA allegedly stopped the VR program in 1995. Which we doubt…

However, this “reference” to underground bases in the Pyrenees did not catch us by surprise. If, as I say, the information is authentic, it could be connected to the installation of extraterrestrial origin that the Apunians have sustained us there…

Contact meetings

For 22 years I have been in contact with a human-looking extraterrestrial being who presents himself with the name of “Antarel”. According to this giant of almost three meters in height, his civilization comes from a world called “Apu”, near the star Alpha B in the Constellation of Centaurus, about 4.2 light years from Earth. I have seen Antarel, physically, on several occasions, including in the company of other witnesses. Antarel was also the “coordinator” of scheduled sightings with journalists and renowned researchers, whom I participated in these experiences on five occasions, such as the recent and successful contacts with Michael E. Salla Ph.D. and Paola Harris in Monte Shasta, United States.

Meeting during a field investigation at the Oracle of Delphi, in Greece – according to my travelosebook, on May 29, 2013 – Antarel gave me the following message, which I received through psychography:

 “For the year 2014, on the summer solstice, they will meet in Monte Perdido (Pyrenees). The invitation is made. It is important that the sacred centres of Europe are heard. Monte Perdido is the most important vortex of that region that France and Spain share.”

The aliens were confirming to us a feeling that we had been dragging for a long time: to call a meeting in Monte Perdido. A year before the message in Greece, on May 16, 2012, Rosa, Diego, Sol and I had traveled to the Pyrenees to connect with the place.

During that visit to Monte Perdido, Antarel had said in a message:

 “Antarel in communication:

They already felt our presence. And soon you will see us. In Rasal too.

As they have received, Monte Perdido is an old sanctuary of the White Brotherhood and, at the same time, a base of operations that we have under its convenient rock massif. This installation plays a fundamental role for this sector of their world that they will gradually discover. They will come back here…”

Soon you will see us… Antarel claimed. And certainly, shortly after we received that message, we had an extraordinary sighting.

A very bright object, bluish-white, was placed on our vertical and “illuminated” us with its powerful light… Just as it reads. As if someone had lit a huge halogen lantern on the four…

It was so forceful, that even having a camera hanging around his neck, no one dared to photograph the extraordinary “visitor”. The object left and left in us a deep sense of joy.

After that, we had no doubt that this area was the place … – and as if that were not enough, later, in Rasal, as Antarel anticipated, we had new sightings. Thus, and thanks to the coordination of Rosa and Diego, a first meeting was held in Monte Perdido for the June 2014 support. It was very special since it constituted the “previous step” to our expedition to Siberia, in Russia (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke9nMJmf-_g). The camp in the Pinetta Valley had a very good call and the aliens responded with new sightings during our stay.

Here you can see a video of that first meeting: 

Ricardo González en Monte Perdido (22 juni 2014, Spain)

In June 2015 we held a second meeting, where about one hundred and fifty people from twelve countries camped at the foot of these beautiful mountains of the Pyrenees. The Pinetta campsite and its cabins could no longer cope. As I write these lines, more cabins are being built and camping spaces are being expanded to be able to receive more visitors in the future.

When we hold these meetings, workshops and outdoor meetings, we try to allow people to connect with nature, breathe, relax, and enjoy the energy of these places that function as true agents of transmutation. It is not a belief: there are solid studies of magnetism and ionization in various natural enclaves in the world that explain why one feels so “connected” when visiting points like Monte Perdido. This goes beyond contact with extraterrestrials.

In this way, we combine various meditation techniques with information related to our contact experience or the study of the UFO phenomenon. This framework was creating the conditions for “them”, once again, to be present…

 Contact experiences: lights in the sky and Minius energy

The meeting in Monte Perdido in 2015 was extraordinary. The participants were able to verify a series of “anomalous” facts – I will call them that so as not to generate any conditioning – that arose both on land and in heaven. Already on the night of the 19th, there had been some observations during our outdoor work. I must say that most of the participants scrutinized the sky with a lot of common sense, analyzing the trajectory of any satellite, or light effects of iridiums, geostationary satellites, or the ISS. Dozens of people had come with mobile devices that, thanks to endless programs and applications, could track everything that moved in the sky. In addition, in the group there were several amateur astronomers who usually take photographs of space. Among them, my dear friend and nephew David Cintas, who in a few months is degreeing as a Physicist in college. So, the observation scenario was very sensible. And even the most skeptical had to recognize that “that” – those strange lights that began to show in the mantle of stars – did not correspond to anything known…

But it was the night of the 20th where the aliens “doubled the bet”…

We had gone to an esplanade that is a few kilometers from the base camp in Pinetta. We had to go in our cars to get to that place: the same one where the ship of 2012 “illuminated” us with its beam of light…

Once we were all gathered together, we began our meditation practices. It was there that I received a new telepathic message from Antarel, where the giant of Alpha Centaurus told me that they would deliver “Minius crystals” to many of the participants.

I must say that this request from Antarel caught me off guard. Only two months had passed since the contact I faced in Peru, at the foot of the snowy Huascarán, an experience that had introduced us to the mysteries of that source of energy that the Apunians symbolically call “Minius” (as the reader will recall, the first to divulge the existence of the Minius used by the Apunians was the Yugoslav Vlado Kapetanovic, died in Peru in 2005). What will people think if I told them what Antarel asks of me? He told me. With so much misinformation circulating on the internet about extraterrestrial contact, some might think that the “Minius” was an “implant” or any other negative element of extraterrestrial manipulation (!).

“Trust,” Antarel telepathically relayed to me; “We will share with you a dose of this energy as a stimulus that can help you remember your own interdimensional abilities and connection with the Universe. Then we will show…”

Determined, I stood up and asked all the attendees to do the same, putting their palms up at reception sign. The place, then, began to change…

A subtle haze arose that embraced the entire esplanade. It made us look slightly “blurry”. And in the palms, many began to feel a concentration of energy, a kind of white flash that, in several cases, could be seen – with their eyes open – as two small white spheres. Precisely the representation of the “Minius”.

By crossing their hands on their chests, those who faced this experience integrated energy as an activating element. At that moment Antarel asked me that people walk, in silence, as a dynamic to assimilate that “integration”.

And here the most important thing happened…

Even the most sceptical had to admit it: it could not be imagination what was happening there… Some people looked “double” – as happened to me in the aforementioned contact in Peru – and some human figures, alien to the group, walked among us. It is very difficult to describe the sensations and experiences of each one during this time. Some “saw” possible scenes in the future; others were touched, moved, or embraced by “someone” – or an invisible force. Meanwhile, the ships were shown again. And with greater force…

And there was another important fact. Around twenty people, during their walk after the reception of the Minius, identified the “source” of the subtle “fog” that enveloped us… It was a white mantle, thick and very bright, “hidden” in the middle of the pine forest. Assuming that it could be a “xendra” or dimensional door, several approached – among them Diego Cintas himself from Huesca, Fernando López from Mexico and Sol Sanfelice from Argentina; but it was unsuccessful. “That” repelled them… They couldn’t get close…

Then we learned that it is not a “xendra”, but the source of the “holographic” experience that the aliens were generating throughout the place…

At the end of these incredible experiences, we comment animatedly on what we have lived. Then the sightings intensified further; some objects making clear changes in speed, or stopping brúscamente in the sky; others interacting with various signals from the sky in sync with the emotions and comments of the group. The latter drew applause…

The most interesting thing is that being so many people, all with cameras and camcorders, few cared to record the phenomena. The group was focused on living and understanding – go on trying – everything that was happening. I have said it before: in the middle of a contact experience, your decisions and priorities are different… Something very complex to understand for those who analyze it from the outside…

However, there were several captures in this meeting. I move on to share some of them below.

Monte Perdido had become, once again, the scene of an important contact. We estimate that at least about a hundred people received the energy of the Minius. Although extraterrestrials call them “crystals”, they are, in reality, small doses of a subtle energy that the human being already has as a potential element inside. The experience with the Minius is, according to aliens, a temporary activating element.

On the night of June 21, when all the participants of this extraordinary meeting had already left, we decided to return to the esplanade where the contact occurred. We were eight people.

There was no longer “fog” and the place looked more “normal”.

So we tried a telepathic connection with the Apunians so that they could confirm and expand the experience with the Minius. To be sure, I asked Antarel for a concrete demonstration at a specific time. And so it happened: at 11:20 pm, while we were chanting the mantra of“Ur-Tokor”– a vibration in “irdin language” that we received to connect with the Uritorco hill in Argentina – three immense balls of light, in perfect vertical formation, suddenly emerged in the captivating starry sky. It was so exciting that the sighting brought tears to many of us.

Then, I received the following psychographic message:

 June 21, 2015

Monte Perdido, Pyrenees, Spain.

 I am Ivika:

They have seen us. We’re here. And we celebrate the common-unity between you and us.

The Minius, as we already told you, is the first source of energy, the essence of the origin of the universe. It is the key to the principle and its projection, an equation of eternity that allows us to act on the visible and the invisible. They should not interpret it only as scientific knowledge about the nature of the cosmos. It is, above all, a spiritual message, beyond its practical application in space travel technology. You will be able to understand your nature a little more if you enter into yourself, into the node of force that you treasure, that pulsates, that lives in the depths of your energy.

The Minius is similar to what you call a “black hole”: it is a “gate” of entry and exit. And his strength penetrates everything. It transmutes everything.

Just as the cosmic radiations that before its eyes are invisible and yet exist, the Minius has remained silent within the very structure of life’s genetic code. Earth science men have not yet been able to unravel this secret, which is present throughout the universe. But he tries to approach this revelation through a detailed study of the subatomic world.

In relation to the collective experience that we promote, in it we give you an adaptation of the Minius so that you can reactivate that cosmic connection that integrates and harmonizes you with Creation. After that understanding, they will be able to “do”, and move in different membranes of reality at will. You’ll see.

We have also given you important indications to replicate, holographically, the different functions of the “Tesseract” and the projection of the Minius, because it is naturally found in you. This “spiritual technology” will be the way of working from now on. You already received this energy and understood that you had to work with all this when you were with us in Yungay. Nothing, then, is by chance. Now they have our confirmation to develop all this.

We will expand this information later.

In connection and unity, brother,


Monte Perdido was the starting point to apply the benefits of the Minius. For now, we are experiencing and teaching.

In an upcoming post, we’ll openly share everything we’re rediscovering with this “extraterrestrial spiritual technology.”

I dedicate this article to the participants of the two meetings already held in Monte Perdido: for daring to live what many consider impossible.

A lot to do…

Above: Antarel and the Tesseract.

Antarel’s image is a recreation by Argentine artist Ramiro Rossi:


Note:for more information about extraterrestrial contact, the connection with the Apunians and the Minius, you can read the digital version of my book “The Aliens of the Planet Apu”: https://es.scribd.com/doc/271982219/Los-extraterrestres-del-planeta-Apu-versio-n-digital


Ik wil graag iets doorgeven, wat in Blegny met ons gedeeld was. Deze keer was er ook informatie overdracht door middel van muziekcompilaties, muziek maken, filmfragmenten kijken en ook boeken, die daar ook geïntroduceerd waren en lagen tussen mooie schilderijen en kristallen. Misschien wil je ook iets van weten of ervaren.


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