The Gateway Experience

The Gateway Experience – breinonderzoek en quantumfysica bij de CIA

De intrige draait om een geclassificeerd CIA-rapport uit 1983 over een techniek genaamd de Gateway Experience, een trainingssysteem dat is ontworpen om de output van hersengolven te concentreren om het bewustzijn te veranderen en uiteindelijk te ontsnappen aan de beperkingen van tijd en ruimte. De CIA was destijds geïnteresseerd in allerlei soorten paranormaal onderzoek, inclusief de theorie en toepassingen van remote viewing, dat is wanneer iemand echte gebeurtenissen bekijkt met alleen de kracht van hun geest. De documenten zijn inmiddels vrijgegeven en kunnen worden bekeken.

Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process (full report, CIA)

C.I.A DECLASSIFIED – The Gateway Experience: Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

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How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA

In the ’80s, the spy agency investigated the “Gateway Experience” technique to alter consciousness and ultimately escape spacetime. Here is everything you need to know.

By Thobey Campion (02-2021)

She turned to me the other morning and said, “You heard of The Gateway?” It didn’t register in the moment. She continued, “It’s blowing up on TikTok.” Later on, she elaborated: It was not in fact the ill-fated ’90s computer hardware company folks were freaking out about. No, they’ve gone further back in time, to find a true treasure of functional media.

The intrigue revolves around a classified 1983 CIA report on a technique called the Gateway Experience, which is a training system designed to focus brainwave output to alter consciousness and ultimately escape the restrictions of time and space. The CIA was interested in all sorts of psychic research at the time, including the theory and applications of remote viewing, which is when someone views real events with only the power of their mind. The documents have since been declassified and are available to view.

This is a comprehensive excavation of The Gateway Process report. The first section provides a timeline of the key historical developments that led to the CIA’s investigation and subsequent experimentations. The second section is a review of The Gateway Process report. It opens with a wall of theoretical context, on the other side of which lies enough understanding to begin to grasp the principles underlying the Gateway Experience training. The last section outlines the Gateway technique itself and the steps that go into achieving spacetime transcendence.

Let’s go.


• 1950s – Robert Monroe, a radio broadcasting executive, begins producing evidence that specific sound patterns have identifiable effects on human capabilities. These include alertness, sleepiness, and expanded states of consciousness.

• 1956 – Monroe forms an R&D division inside his radio program production corporation RAM Enterprises. The goal is to study sound’s effect on human consciousness. He was obsessed with “Sleep-Learning,” or hypnopedia, which exposes sleepers to sound recordings to boost memory of previously learned information.

• 1958 – While experimenting with Sleep-Learning, Monroe discovers an unusual phenomenon. He describes it as sensations of paralysis and vibration accompanied by bright light. It allegedly happens nine times over the proceeding six weeks, and culminates in an out-of-body experience (OBE).

• 1962 – RAM Enterprises moves to Virginia, and renames itself Monroe Industries. It becomes active in radio station ownership, cable television, and later in the production and sale of audio cassettes. These cassettes contain applied learnings from the corporate research program, which is renamed The Monroe Institute.

• 1971 – Monroe publishes Journeys Out of the Body, a book that is credited with popularizing the term “out-of-body experience.”

• 1989 – Remote viewer Angela Dellafiora Ford helps track down a former customs agent who has gone on the run. She pinpoints his location as “Lowell, Wyoming”. U.S. Customs apprehend him 100 miles west of a Wyoming town called Lovell.

• 2003 – The CIA approves declassification of the Gateway Process report.

• 2017 – The CIA declassifies 12 million pages of records revealing previously unknown details about the program, which would eventually become known as Project Stargate.

• 1972 – A classified report circulates in the U.S. military and intelligence communities. It claims that the Soviet Union is pouring money into research involving ESP and psychokinesis for espionage purposes.

• 1975 – Monroe registers the first of several patents concerning audio techniques designed to stimulate brain functions until the left and right hemispheres become synchronized. Monroe dubs the state “Hemi-Sync” (hemispheric synchronization), and claims it could be used to promote mental well-being or to trigger an altered state of consciousness.

• 1978 to 1984 – Army veteran Joseph McMoneagle contributes to 450 remote viewing missions under Project Stargate. He is known as “Remote View No. 1”. This is kind of a whole other story.

• June 9th, 1983 – The CIA report “Analysis and Assessment of The Gateway Process” is produced. It provides a scientific framework for understanding and expanding human consciousness, out-of-body experiments, and other altered states of mind.



The author of The Gateway Process report is Lieutenant Colonel Wayne M. McDonnell, hereon referred to simply as Wayne. There isn’t a tremendous amount of information available on the man, nor any photographs. In 1983, Wayne was tasked by the Commander of the U.S. Army Operational Group with figuring out how The Gateway Experience, astral projection and out-of-body experiences work. Wayne partnered with a bunch of different folks to produce the report, most notably Itzhak Bentov, a very Googleable American-Israeli scientist who helped pioneer the biomedical engineering industry.

A scientific approach

From the outset of the report, Wayne states his intent to employ an objective scientific method in order to understand the Gateway process. The various scientific avenues he takes include:

• A biomedical inquiry to understand the physical aspects of the process.

• Information on quantum mechanics to describe the nature and functioning of human consciousness.

• Theoretical physics to explain the time-space dimension and means by which expanded human consciousness transcends it.

• Classical physics to bring the whole phenomenon of out-of-body states into the language of physical science (and remove the stigma of an occult connotation).

Methodological frames of reference

Before diving into the Gateway Experience, Wayne develops a frame of reference by dissecting three discrete consciousness-altering methodologies. He’s basically saying, there’s no way you’re going to get through The Gateway without a solid grounding in the brain-altering techniques that came before it.

1) He begins with hypnosis. The language is extremely dense, but the basic gist is as follows: the left side of the brain screens incoming stimuli, categorizing, assessing and assigning meaning to everything through self-cognitive, verbal, and linear reasoning. The left hemisphere then dishes the carefully prepared data to the non-critical, holistic, pattern-oriented right hemisphere, which accepts everything without question. Hypnosis works by putting the left side to sleep, or at least distracting it long enough to allow incoming data direct, unchallenged entry to the right hemisphere. There, stimuli can reach the sensor and motor cortices of the right brain, which corresponds to points in the body. Suggestions then can send electrical signals from the brain to certain parts of the body. Directing these signals appropriately, according to the report, can elicit reactions ranging from left leg numbness to feelings of happiness. Same goes for increased powers of concentration.

2) Wayne continues with a snapshot of transcendental meditation. He distinguishes it from hypnotism. Through concentration the subject draws energy up the spinal cord, resulting in acoustical waves that run through the cerebral ventricles, to the right hemisphere, where they stimulate the cerebral cortex, run along the homunculus and then to the body. The waves are the altered rhythm of heart sounds, which create sympathetic vibrations in the walls of the fluid-filled cavities of the brain’s ventricles. He observed that the symptoms begin in the left side of the body, confirming the right brain’s complicity. Bentov also states that the same effect might be achieved by prolonged exposure to 4 – 7 Hertz/second acoustical vibrations. He suggests standing by an air conditioning duct might also do the trick. (David Lynch and other celebrities are committed adherents to transcendental meditation today.)

3) Biofeedback, on the other hand, uses the left hemisphere to gain access to the right brain’s lower cerebral, motor, and sensory cortices. Whereas hypnosis suppresses one side of the brain, and TM bypasses that side altogether, biofeedback teaches the left hemisphere to visualize the desired result, recognize the feelings associated with right hemisphere access, and ultimately achieve the result again. With repetition, the left brain can reliably key into the right brain, and strengthen the pathways so that it can be accessed during a conscious demand mode. A digital thermometer is subsequently placed on a target part of the body. When its temperature increases, objective affirmation is recognized and the state is reinforced. Achieving biofeedback can block pain, enhance feeling, and even suppress tumors, according to the report. 

The Gateway mechanics

With that, Wayne takes a first stab at the Gateway process. He classifies it as a “training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness.”

What distinguishes the Gateway process from hypnosis, TM, and biofeedback, is that it requires achieving a state of consciousness in which the electrical brain patterns of both hemispheres are equal in amplitude and frequency. This is called Hemi-Sync. Lamentably, and perhaps conveniently, we cannot as humans achieve this state on our own. The audio techniques developed by Bob Monroe and his Institute (which comprise a series of tapes), claim to induce and sustain Hemi-Sync.

Here, the document shifts to the usage of quotes and other reports to describe the powers of Hemi-Sync. Wayne employs the analogy of a lamp versus a laser. Left to its own devices the human mind expends energy like a lamp, in a chaotic and incoherent way, achieving lots of diffusion but relatively little depth. Under Hemi-Sync though, the mind produces a “disciplined stream of light.” So, once the frequency and amplitude of the brain are rendered coherent it can then synchronize with the rarified energy levels of the universe. With this connection intact, the brain begins to receive symbols and display astonishing flashes of holistic intuition.

The Hemi-Sync technique takes advantage of a Frequency Following Response (FFR). It works like this: an external frequency emulating a recognized one will cause the brain to mimic it. So if a subject hears a frequency at the Theta level, it will shift from its resting Beta level. To achieve these unnatural levels, Hemi-Sync puts a single frequency in the left ear and a contrasting frequency in the right. The brain then experiences the Delta frequency, also known as the beat frequency. It’s more familiarly referred to these days as binaural music. With the FFR and beat frequency phenomena firmly in place, The Gateway Process introduces a series of frequencies at marginally audible, subliminal levels. With the left brain relaxed and the body in a virtual sleep state, the conditions are ideal to promote brainwave outputs of higher and higher amplitude and frequency. Alongside subliminal suggestions from Bob Monroe (naturally), the subject can then alter their consciousness.

The Gateway system only works when the audio, which is introduced through headphones, is accompanied by a physical quietude comparable to other forms of meditation. This increases the subject’s internal resonance to the body’s sound frequencies, for example the heart. This eliminates the “bifurcation echo”, in which the heartbeat moves up and down the body seven times a second. By placing the body in a sleep-like state, The Gateway Tapes, like meditation, lessen the force and frequency of the heartbeat pushing blood into the aorta. The result is a rhythmic sine wave that in turn amplifies the sound volume of the heart three times. This then amplifies the frequency of brainwave output. The film surrounding the brain—the dura—and fluid between that film and the skull, eventually begin to move up and down, by .0005 and .010 millimeters.

The body, based on its own micro-motions, then functions as a tuned vibrational system. The report claims that the entire body eventually transfers energy at between 6.8 and 7.5 Hertz, which matches Earth’s own energy (7 – 7.5 Hertz). The resulting wavelengths are long, about 40,000 kilometers, which also happens to be the perimeter of the planet. According to Bentov, the signal can move around the world’s electrostatic field in 1/7th of a second.

To recap, the Gateway Process goes like this: 

• Induced state of calm

• Blood pressure lowers

• Circulatory system, skeleton and other organ systems begin to vibrate at 7 – 7.5 cycles per second

• Increased resonance is achieved

• The resulting sound waves matches the electrostatic field of the earth

• The body and earth and other similarly tuned minds become a single energy continuum.

We’ve gotten slightly ahead of ourselves here though. Back to the drawing board.

A psycho-quantum level deeper

Wayne then turns to the very nature of matter and energy. More materially (or less if you will), solid matter in the strict construction of the term, he explains, doesn’t exist. The atomic structure is composed of oscillating energy grids surrounded by other oscillating energy grids at tremendous speeds. These oscillation rates vary—the nucleus of an atom vibrates at 10 to the power of 22, a molecule vibrates at 10 to the power of 9, a human cell vibrates at 10 to the power of 3. The point is that the entire universe is one complex system of energy fields. States of matter in this conception then are merely variations in the state of energy.

The result of all these moving energies, bouncing off of energy at rest, projects a 3D mode, a pattern, called a hologram, A.K.A our reality as we experience it. It’s best to think of it as a 3D photograph. There’s a whole rabbit hole to go down here. Suffice it to say, the hologram that is our experience is incredibly good at depicting and recording all the various energies bouncing around creating matter. So good, in fact, that we buy into it hook, line, and sinker, going so far as to call it our “life.”

Consciousness then can be envisaged as a 3D grid system superimposed over all energy patterns, Wayne writes. Using mathematics, each plane of the grid system can then reduce the data to a 2D form. Our binary (go/no go) minds can then process the data and compare it to other historical data saved in our memory. Our reality is then formed by comparisons. The right hemisphere of the brain acts as the primary matrix or receptor for this holographic input. The left hemisphere then compares it to other data, reducing it to its 2D form.

In keeping with our species’ commitment to exceptionalism, as far as we know humans are uniquely capable of achieving this level of consciousness. Simply, humans not only know, but we know that we know. This bestows upon us the ability to duplicate aspects of our own hologram, project them out, perceive that projection, run it through a comparison with our own memory of the hologram, measure the differences using 3D geometry, then run it through our binary system to yield verbal cognition of the self.

The click-out phase

Wayne then shows his cards as a true punisher, issuing, “Up to this point our discussion of the Gateway process has been relatively simple and easy to follow. Now the fun begins.” Shots fired, Wayne. What he’s preparing the commander reading this heady report for is the reveal—how we can use the Gateway to transcend the dimension of spacetime.

Time is a measurement of energy or force in motion; it is a measurement of change. This is really important. For energy to be classified as in motion, it must be confined within a vibratory pattern that can contain its motion, keeping it still. Energy not contained like this is boundary-less, and moves without limit or dimension, to infinity. This disqualifies boundary-less energy from the dimension of time because it has no rate of change. Energy in infinity, also called “the absolute state,” is completely at rest because nothing is accelerating or decelerating it—again, no change. It therefore does not contribute to our hologram, our physical experience. We cannot perceive it.

Now back to frequencies. Wave oscillation occurs because a wave is bouncing between two rigid points of rest. It’s like a game of electromagnetic hot potato (the potato being the wave and the participants’ hands being the boundaries of the wave). Without these limits, there would be no oscillation. When a wave hits one of those points of rest, just for a very brief instant, it “clicks out” of spacetime and joins infinity. For this to occur, the speed of the oscillation has to drop below 10 the power of -33 centimeters per second. For a moment, the wave enters into a new world. The potato simply disappears into a dimension we cannot perceive.

Theoretically speaking, if the human consciousness wave pattern reaches a high enough frequency, the “click-outs” can reach continuity. Put another way, if the frequency of human consciousness can dip below 10 to the power of 33 centimeters per second but above a state of total rest, it can transcend spacetime. The Gateway experience and associated Hemi-Sync technique is designed for humans to achieve this state and establish a coherent pattern of perception in the newly realized dimensions.

Passport to the hologram

In theory, we can achieve the above at any time. The entire process though is helped along if we can separate the consciousness from our body. It’s like an existential running head start where the click-out of a consciousness already separated from its body starts much closer to, and has more time to dialogue with, other dimensions.

This is where things get a little slippery; hold on as best you can. The universe is in on the whole hologram thing, too, Wayne writes. This super hologram is called a “torus” because it takes the shape of a fuck-off massive self-contained spiral. Like this:

Give yourself a moment to let the above motion sink in…

This pattern of the universe conspicuously mirrors the patterns of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. Galaxies north of our own are moving away from us faster than the galaxies to the south; galaxies to the east and west of us are more distant. The energy that produced the matter that makes up the universe we presently enjoy, will turn back in on itself eventually. Its trajectory is ovoid, also known as the cosmic egg. As it curls back on itself it enters a black hole, goes through a densely packed energy nucleus then gets spat out the other side of a white hole and begins the process again. Springtime in the cosmos, baby!

The entire universe hologram—the torus—represents all the phases of time: the past, present, and future. The takeaway is that human consciousness brought to a sufficiently altered (focused) state could obtain information about the past, present, and future, since they all live in the universal hologram simultaneously. Wayne reasons that our all-reaching consciousness eventually participates in an all-knowing infinite continuum. Long after we depart the space-time dimension and the hologram each one of us perceives is snuffed out, our consciousness continues. Reassuring in a way.

And that is the context in which the Gateway Experience sits.

[Deep breaths.]


The following is an outline of the key steps to reach focus levels necessary to defy the spacetime dimension. This is an involved and lengthy process best attempted in controlled settings. If you’re in a rush, you can apparently listen to enough Monroe Institute Gateway Tapes in 7 days to get there.

The Energy Conversion Box: The Gateway Process begins by teaching the subject to isolate any extraneous concerns using a visualization process called “the energy conversion box.”

Resonant Humming: The individual is introduced to resonant humming. Through the utterance of a protracted single tone, alongside a chorus on the tapes, the mind and body achieve a state of resonance.

The Gateway Affirmation: The participant is exposed to something close to a mantra called The Gateway Affirmation. They must repeat to themselves variations of, “I am merely a physical body and deeply desire to expand my consciousness.”

Hemi-Sync: The individual is finally exposed to the Hemi-Sync sound frequencies, and encouraged to develop a relationship with the feelings that emerge.

Additional Noise: Physical relaxation techniques are practiced while the Hemi-Sync frequencies are expanded to include “pink and white” noise. This puts the body in a state of virtual sleep, while calming the left hemisphere and raising the attentiveness of the right hemisphere.

The Energy Balloon: The individual is then encouraged to visualize the creation of an “energy balloon” beginning at the top of the head, extending down in all directions to the feet then back up again. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that this balloon will provide protection against conscious entities possessing lower energy levels that he or she may encounter when in the out-of-body state.

Focus 12: The practitioner can consistently achieve sufficient expanded awareness to begin interacting with dimensions beyond their physical reality. To achieve this state requires conscious efforts and more “pink and white noise” from the sound stream.

Tools: Once Focus 12 is achieved, the subject can then employ a series of tools to obtain feedback from alternate dimensions.

Problem Solving: The individual identifies fundamental problems, fills their expanded awareness with them, and then projects them out into the universe. These can include personal difficulties, as well as technical or practical problems.

Patterning: Consciousness is used to achieve desired objectives in the physical, emotional, or intellectual sphere.

Color Breathing: A healing technique that revitalizes the body’s energy flows by imagining colors in a particularly vivid manner.

Energy Bar Tool: This technique involves imagining a small intensely pulsating dot of light that the participant charges up. He or she then uses the sparkling, vibrating cylinder of energy (formerly known as the dot) to channel forces from the universe to heal and revitalize the body.

Remote Viewing: A follow-on technique of the Energy Bar Tool where the dot is turned into a whirling vortex through which the individual sends their imagination in search of illuminating insights.

Living Body Map: A more organized use of the energy bar in which streams of different colors flow from the dot on to correspondingly-colored bodily systems.

Seven days of training have now occurred. Approximately 5 percent of participants get to this next level, according to the report.

Focus 15 – Travel Into the Past: Additional sound on the Hemi-Sync tapes includes more of the same, plus some subliminal suggestions to further expand the consciousness. The instructions are highly symbolic: time is a huge wheel, in which different spokes give access to the participant’s past.

Focus 21 – The Future: This is the last and most advanced state. Like Focus 15, this is a movement out of spacetime into the future.

Out-of-Body Movement: Only one tape of the many is devoted to out-of-body movement. This tape is devoted to facilitating an out-of-body state when the participant’s brain wave patterns and energy levels reach harmony with the surrounding electromagnetic environment. According to Bob Monroe, the participant has to be exposed to Beta signals of around 2877.3 cycles per second.


Wayne expresses concern about the fidelity of information brought back from out-of-body states using the Gateway technique. Practical applications are of particular concern because of the potential for “information distortion.”

The Monroe Institute also ran into a bunch of issues in which they had individuals travel from the West to the East Coast of the U.S. to read a series of numbers off of a computer screen. They never got them exactly right. Wayne chalks this up to the trouble of differentiating between physical entities and extra-time-space dimensions when in the out-of-body state.

Wayne swings back to support mode though, lending credence to the physics foundation of the report. He cites multiple belief systems that have established identical findings. These include the Tibetan Shoug, the Hindu heaven of Indra, the Hebrew mystical philosophy, and the Christian concept of the Trinity.  Here he seems more interested in hammering home the  theoretical underpinnings that make The Gateway Experience possible, rather than the practical possibilities promised by The Gateway Tapes.

Possibly with his CIA top brass audience in mind, Wayne then gives an A-type nod to The Gateway Experience for providing a faster, more efficient, less subservient, energy-saving route to expanded consciousness. This finishes with a series of recommendations to the CIA for how to exploit Gateway’s potential for national defense purposes.

The missing page

One curious feature of The Gateway Report is that it seems to be missing page 25. It’s a real cliffhanger too. The bottom of page 24 reads “And, the eternal thought or concept of self which results from this self-consciousness serves the,” The report picks back up on page 26 and 3 sections later as if Wayne hadn’t just revealed the very secret of existence.

The gap has not gone unnoticed. There’s a petition requesting its release. Multiple Freedom of Information Act requests have demanded the same. In all cases, the CIA has said they never had the page to begin with. Here’s a 2019 response from Mark Lilly, the CIA’s Information and Privacy Coordinator, to one Bailey Stoner regarding these records:

One theory goes that that rascal Wayne M.-fricking-McDonnell left the page out on purpose. The theory contends that it was a litmus test—if anyone truly defies time-space dimensions, they’ll certainly be able to locate page 25.

[Cosmic shrug.]

Hoe het menselijk hart het elektromagnetisch veld van de Aarde kan beïnvloeden en dat ook doet

Wetenschap heeft onlangs licht geworpen op het feit dat wat we vroeger als ‘menselijke’ aura waarnamen, echt is. Al onze lichamen zenden een elektromagnetisch veld uit, en dit feit speelt een zeer belangrijke rol die veel verder gaat dan wat algemeen bekend is als het gaat om het begrijpen van onze biologie en de onderlinge verbondenheid die we delen met al het leven.

Ik heb onlangs deelgenomen aan de workshop gegeven door Gregg Braden bij Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ. Als iemand van jullie niet bekend is met wie Gregg is, hij is al vele jaren een pionier van de Waarheid die de kloof overbrugt tussen wetenschap en spiritualiteit. Hij heeft een indrukwekkende carrière achter de rug als computergeoloog, is een vooraanstaand auteur van vele bestsellers en heeft zelfs voor de Verenigde Naties gesproken. Dus, als iemand van jullie me vaak volgt, weet je dat ik een ENORME fan ben van Gregg! Wat mij het meest opviel van deze workshop was de ongelooflijke hoeveelheid harde bewijzen die hij kon leveren over dit relatief nieuwe studiegebied; althans wat de reguliere wetenschap betreft.

Tijdens zijn presentatie besprak Gregg de huidige onderzoeken die worden uitgevoerd door het Heart Math Institute ( ) die het elektromagnetische veld van het menselijk hart meten en ook hoe het verandert in de aanwezigheid van liefdevolle, kalme energie versus door angst veroorzaakte energie! Hij demonstreerde dit door een nietsvermoedende vrijwilliger verbinding te laten maken met de software van Heart Math via een klein oortje dat verschillende gegevens over je hartslag verzamelt. Hij liet haar eerst bewust in haar hart zakken. Dan zou hij iets doen om de vrijwilliger spontaan “in de spotlight” te krijgen en haar een beetje uit haar comfortzone te laten voelen. Om visueel te kunnen zien hoeveel mind/lichaamscoherentie er in deze vrouw plaatsvindt, en hoe de twee de hele tijd in volledige communicatie waren, was absoluut ongelooflijk!

Verder legde hij uit dat de GCI, of Global Coherence Initiative ( sensoren diep in de Aarde heeft ingebouwd die veranderingen in het elektromagnetische veld registreren wanneer mensen komen bewust samen om in hun hart te zakken of te zijn. Zelfs het effect van het verminderen van misdaad kan nu worden geregistreerd wanneer mensen samen mediteren met de bedoeling om liefde en genezing te sturen naar die gebieden die het meest getroffen zijn door veel misdaad. En er is bewijs uit deze studies dat wanneer grote mondiale gebeurtenissen plaatsvinden (zoals op de dag van 9-11), we duidelijk een sprong in het elektromagnetische veld van de Aarde zien als reactie op mensen die intense emotionele reacties door hun hart sturen rond één enkele gebeurtenis, situatie, groep mensen of omgeving. Voor mij is dit het solide bewijs dat we allemaal met elkaar verbonden zijn en elkaar op zoveel niveaus beïnvloeden.

De missie van de GCI luidt als volgt: “Het Global Coherence Initiative is een internationaal initiatief die het hart van de mensheid wil helpen activeren en vrede, harmonie en een verschuiving in het wereldwijde bewustzijn wil bevorderen. GCI doet grensverleggend onderzoek naar de onderlinge verbinding tussen de mensheid en de magnetische velden en energetische systemen van de Aarde.” (Bron: )

Deze technologie en onderzoek maken de weg vrij voor een nieuw begrip, of durf ik te zeggen, voor een “herinnering” aan de heilige verbinding tussen energetische velden in ons universum. Specifiek die van onze zon en moeder Aarde en hoe ze elk het menselijk bewustzijn en cognitief gedrag beïnvloeden. Hoewel deze connectie altijd bekend is geweest bij de oude volkeren en Aboriginals, is de reguliere wetenschap pas de laatste jaren begonnen met het stellen van de juiste vragen. (Zie hier ook een verslag van de studie over menselijk vermogen om elektromagnetisme van de Aarde te voelen

“Wetenschappers weten dat de resonantiefrequenties van de Aarde in verbinding staan met die van de hersenen, het hart en het autonome zenuwstelsel, en studies tonen verrassende relaties aan tussen gezondheid en gedrag en zonne- en geomagnetische activiteit. Bevindingen ondersteunen de hypothese van GCI dat het magnetische veld van de Aarde belangrijke biologische informatie bevat die levende systemen met elkaar verbindt. -HearthMath.Org”

Hoe meer we leren over energie via de kwantumfysica en over de kracht die wordt gegenereerd door het menselijk hart, hoe meer ik geloof dat mensen echt aandacht zullen gaan besteden aan dingen zoals hun stemming, tonen, stemmen, praten met zichzelf, negatieve gedachten, en hoe we onszelf en elkaar in het algemeen behandelen. Er gaat een golf van bewustzijn over de wereld en het gebeurt door ons hart! En toch blijft de aanhoudende menselijke behoefte om het altijd te zien voordat we het geloven; Welnu, deze tak van de op geestwetenschap gebaseerde onderzoeksgemeenschap stelt ons eindelijk in staat om precies dat te doen.

En bedenk eens hoe dit een positieve bijdrage levert aan de bestaande verschuiving in het menselijk bewustzijn! Niet alleen kantelt de weegschaal terug naar het midden, maar we kunnen ook daadwerkelijk de energie meten die bij het hele proces betrokken is! Met mensen als Gregg Braden en andere toonaangevende pioniers in deze gemeenschap, zullen we van plan zijn om in de niet al te verre toekomst een wereld te zien die we in eerste instantie misschien niet herkennen, maar die we ons uiteindelijk zullen herinneren als onze ware, natuurlijke staat van zijn… de wereld in een staat van harmonie. Eentje die in EVENWICHT is.

door Tamara Rant

How The Human Heart Can And Does Affect The Earth’s Electromagnetic Field

Science has recently shed light on the fact that what we used to perceive as ‘human’ aura is actually real. All of our bodies emit an electromagnetic field, and this fact plays a very important role far beyond what is commonly known when it comes to understanding our biology, and the interconnectedness we share with all life.

I recently attended the Gregg Braden workshop at Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ. If any of you are unfamiliar with who Gregg is, he’s been a pioneer of Truth for many years who’s bridging the gap between science and spirituality. He’s had an impressive career as a computer geologist, is a prominent author of many best-sellers and has even spoken in front of the United Nations. So, if any of you follow me often, you know I’m a HUGE fan of Gregg’s! What I took away most from this workshop was the incredible amount of hard evidence he was able to provide around this relatively new area of study; at least as far as mainstream science is concerned.

During his presentation, Gregg went over the current studies being done by the Heart Math Institute ( ) that are measuring the electromagnetic field of the human heart and also how it changes in the presence of loving, calm energy versus fear induced energy! He demonstrated this by having an unsuspecting volunteer connect to the Heart Math’s software via a tiny earpiece that collects various data about your heart-rate. He first had her consciously drop into her heart. Then, he would do something to spontaneously put the volunteer on the spot and make her feel a little out of her comfort zone. To be able to visually see the amount of mind/body coherence taking place within this woman, and how the two were in full communication the entire time was absolutely incredible!

Furthermore, he explained that the GCI, or Global Coherence Initiative (  has actually embedded sensors deep into the Earth that are logging changes in the electromagnetic field when people are consciously coming together to drop into their hearts. Even the effect of lowering crime can now be recorded when people are meditating together with the intention to send love and healing to those areas most affected by high crime. And there’s evidence from these studies that when big global events occur (as in the day of 9-11), we clearly see a jump in the Earth’s electromagnetic field in response to human beings putting out intense emotional responses through their hearts around one single event, situation, group of people or environment. To me, this is solid proof we are all connected and all effect one another on so many levels.

The GCI’s mission statement is as follow: “The Global Coherence Initiative is an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness. GCI conducts groundbreaking research on the interconnection between humanity and Earth’s magnetic fields and energetic systems.” (Source: )

This technology and research is paving the way for a new understanding, or do I dare say a “recollection” of the sacred connection between energetic fields in our Universe. Specifically those of our Sun and Mother Earth and how they each affect human consciousness and cognitive behavior. While this connection has always been well-known among the ancients and aborigines, mainstream science has only begun to ask the right questions in recent years.

“Scientists know Earth’s resonant frequencies approximate those of the brain, heart and autonomic nervous system, and studies show surprising relationships between health and behavior and solar and geomagnetic activity. Findings support GCI’s hypothesis that Earth’s magnetic field carries important biological information linking living systems. -HearthMath.Org”

The more we learn about energy via Quantum Physics as well as the power generated by the human heart, the more I believe people will begin to really pay attention to things such as their moods, tones, of voice, self-talk, negative thoughts, and just in how we treat ourselves and one another in general. There is a wave of awareness sweeping the globe and it’s happening through our hearts! And yet remains the lingering human need to always see it before we believe it; well, this branch of the spirit-science based community of research is finally allowing us to do just that.

And just think of how this is positively contributing to the existing shift in human consciousness! Not only is the scale tipping back to center, but we can actually measure the energy involved in the entire process! With the likes of Gregg Braden and other leading pioneers in this community, we will intend to see in the not too distant future, a world we may not recognize at first, but will eventually remember as our true, natural state of being… one that exists in harmony. One that is in BALANCE.

by Tamara Rant


The Global Consciousness Project – Random Number Generator Study (Collective Consciousness)

Coherent consciousness creates order in the world Subtle interactions and links us with each other and the Earth. The Global Consciousness Project – Random Number Generator Study (Collective Consciousness)

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP, also called the EGG Project) is a parapsychology experiment begun in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of “global consciousness” with physical systems. The project monitors a geographically distributed network of hardware random number generators in a bid to identify anomalous outputs that correlate with widespread emotional responses to sets of world events, or periods of focused attention by large numbers of people. The GCP is privately funded through the Institute of Noetic Sciences and describes itself as an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers.

This is a scientific exploration with no precedent because the technology and methods are new. On the other hand, the instrumentation and analyses in the project are direct extensions of laboratory procedures which have been in use for decades. In the laboratory and in recently developed field applications, striking effects have been found indicating that human consciousness interacts at some level with the physical world — that what we feel and think has a small but detectable effect.

When human consciousness becomes coherent, the behaviour of random systems may change. Random number generators (RNGs) based on quantum tunnelling produce completely unpredictable sequences of zeroes and ones. But when a great event synchronizes the feelings of millions of people, the network of RNGs becomes subtly structured. RNG calculate one in a trillion odds that the effect is due to chance. The evidence suggests an emerging noosphere or the unifying field of consciousness described by sages in all cultures.

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NL vertaling

Samenhangend bewustzijn schept orde in de wereld Subtiele interacties en verbindt ons met elkaar en de aarde. Het Global Consciousness Project – Random Number Generator Study (collectief bewustzijn)

Het Global Consciousness Project (GCP, ook wel het EGG Project genoemd) is een parapsychologisch experiment dat in 1998 is begonnen als een poging om mogelijke interacties van ‘wereldwijd bewustzijn’ met fysieke systemen te detecteren. Het project bewaakt een geografisch gedistribueerd netwerk van hardwarematige generatoren van willekeurige getallen in een poging om afwijkende outputs te identificeren die correleren met wijdverbreide emotionele reacties op reeksen wereldgebeurtenissen, of perioden van gerichte aandacht door grote aantallen mensen. De GCP wordt privaat gefinancierd door het Institute of Noetic Sciences en beschrijft zichzelf als een internationale samenwerking van ongeveer 100 onderzoekswetenschappers en ingenieurs.

Dit is een wetenschappelijke verkenning zonder precedent omdat de technologie en methoden nieuw zijn. Aan de andere kant zijn de instrumentatie en analyses in het project directe uitbreidingen van laboratoriumprocedures die al tientallen jaren in gebruik zijn. In het laboratorium en in recent ontwikkelde veldtoepassingen zijn opvallende effecten gevonden die erop wijzen dat het menselijk bewustzijn op een bepaald niveau interageert met de fysieke wereld – dat wat we voelen en denken een klein maar detecteerbaar effect heeft.

Als het menselijk bewustzijn coherent wordt, kan het gedrag van willekeurige systemen veranderen. Willekeurige nummergeneratoren (RNG’s) op basis van kwantumtunneling produceren volledig onvoorspelbare reeksen van nullen en enen. Maar wanneer een geweldig evenement de gevoelens van miljoenen mensen synchroniseert, wordt het netwerk van RNG’s subtiel gestructureerd. RNG berekent een kans van één op een biljoen dat het effect te wijten is aan toeval. Het bewijs suggereert een opkomende noösfeer of het verenigende veld van bewustzijn beschreven door wijzen in alle culturen.