Joe Bergeron

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      Anna Krasko

      A Crack in the Crust of Europa (by Joe Bergeron)


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      “Joe Bergeron’s artwork is richly influenced by his three decades as an amateur astronomer, which began when he was a youth in upstate New York and taught himself the constellations using a cardboard star wheel.

      His first forays into art consisted of drawing superheroes, but he taught himself to paint when he got a summer job at a planetarium. Soon he was selling paintings and drawings at science fiction art shows, and he eventually illustrated various sci fi books and magazines, including titles by luminaries such as Isaac Asimov and Piers Anthony.

      Joe’s restlessness eventually led him to make a series of trips to the West. While living a semi-hermitlike existence in the Mojave Desert, he was tracked down by Time-Life Books and asked to do illustrations for the series, Voyage Through the Universe.

      For many years, Joe has split his time between the remote southern Sierra Mountains of California and upstate New York. His artwork includes wildlife, landscapes, fantasy and figures, blending his love of astronomy with interests in nature, mythology, archaeology, wildlife and mysticism. A multi-talented individual, Joe is also a writer who’s penned several sci fi novels as well as the children’s book, Cosmic Cat.”

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