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      Anna Krasko

      Human Body Frequency Resonance  (1:58)

      (Dr. Thomas Lodi, English  text below)  De frequentie van het menselijk lichaam bestaat in ons allemaal. Ons lichaam is een elektromagnetisch fenomeen! We hebben elektrolyten in ons bloed, onze zenuwen functioneren, we hebben elektrische impulsen en ons hart klopt met een elektromagnetische puls. Wanneer het hart goed functioneert, bevindt het zich in wat een normaal sinusritme wordt genoemd. Wat dat betekent, is dat een elektromagnetische puls begint bij het ene deel van het hart en het naar het andere voert, wat het pompen van het bloed stimuleert. Als dat elektrische patroon op de een of andere manier wordt veranderd, zal een persoon hoogstwaarschijnlijk sterven. Dit vertelt ons dat het hart functioneel is op een specifieke set frequenties.

      Tegenwoordig worden we meer dan ooit gebombardeerd met elektromagnetische frequenties. Wanneer elektromagnetische frequenties zich in een bepaald patroon bevinden, wordt gezegd dat ze functioneel en coherent of harmonisch zijn. Omgekeerd betekent onsamenhangend dat die elektromagnetische frequenties verschillende pieken en dalen hebben en niet functioneel zijn. Het is mogelijk om een ​​onsamenhangend bericht in een golfvorm te verzenden en het op te splitsen en de transmissie te verliezen. We worden voortdurend gebombardeerd met verschillende soorten elektromagnetische magnetische frequenties die de frequentie van het menselijk lichaam beïnvloeden. Deze frequenties, zoals microgolven, vragen ons lichaam voortdurend om te compenseren om de samenhang en functionaliteit te behouden.


      English  (Dr. Thomas Lodi Human body frequency exists in all of us. Our bodies are electromagnetic phenomenon! We have electrolytes in our blood, our nerves are functioning, we have electrical impulses and our heart is beating with an electromagnetic pulse. When the heart is functioning properly it is in what’s called a normal sinus rhythm. What that means is an electromagnetic pulse starts at one part of the heart and carries it to another which stimulates the pumping of the blood. If that electrical pattern is somehow altered, then a person will most likely die. What this tells us is that the heart is functional at a specific set of frequencies.

      Today, more than ever, we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies. When electromagnetic frequencies are in a certain pattern they are said to be functional and coherent or harmonic. Conversely, incoherent means those electromagnetic frequencies have different peaks and troughs and are not functional. It’s possible to send in an incoherent message into a wave form and break it up and lose the transmission. We are constantly being bombarded with various kinds of electromagnetic magnetic frequencies affecting the human body frequency. These frequencies, such as microwaves, are continually requiring our bodies to compensate to maintain coherence and functionality.

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      Anna Krasko

      The 528 Hz Frequency – Dr. Leonard Horowitz

      Video: (10: 15)

      528 Hz: “It Will Transform Your Entire DNA” ►Special thanks to Dr. Leonard Horowitz for this eye opening speech. Check out his amazing book: The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love Website;

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      Anna Krasko

      Everything is Frequency and Vibration – Emotional Frequency Chart – Brain Waves (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)


      Transcript: This video explains that Everything is Frequency and Vibration. We all are vibrational energies. The video also explains the Emotional Frequency Chart and different types of Brain Waves (Brainwaves/ Neural oscillations) like Alpha Brain Waves, Beta Brain Waves, Gamma Brain Waves, Delta Brain Waves and Theta Brain Waves. One of the greatest scientist ever, sir Albert Einstein said “everything in life is vibration”. There is nothing in the universe which does not vibrate. Every single atom, molecule, each bond between atoms, all the particles in the universe, our body, earth, all stars, galaxies and even the whole universe are all in constant vibration. They all are vibrating at certain frequency.

      The string theory also says- Everything in the universe is made up of extremely small, one dimensional vibrating objects known as strings. It is the vibrational state of the string which is responsible for mass, charge and other properties of the matter. These strings are the smallest thing in the universe. As all the things are made up of these tiny vibrating strings, It means everything present in the universe vibrates at some frequency. According to the greatest genius of all the time Nikola Tesla “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” You might have observed; how our mood changes according to the type of music we listen. We may feel happiness, sadness, energetic or different types of emotions depending on the song or music. You might not know that, there are certain frequencies that can change our feelings, moods and even physical health. For example, if you hear, a low frequency of around 19 Hz then you will start to feel fear. In the same way, you will feel relaxed and calm in the presence of 432 Hz frequency. Our human body vibrates at a natural frequency of 7.5 Hz, which is quite close to the natural frequency of the earth.

      Do you know that there is a specific frequency associated with a particular emotion? What is the emotion? Emotion is simply e + motion. Which means energy in motion. Here You can see a chart that shows the frequencies of different emotions. Higher frequencies means higher vibrations. Which corresponds to high energy state. In the chart you can see that good emotions have higher frequencies while bad emotions have lower frequencies. In the state of Enlightenment the frequency is highest which is more than 700 Hz. And the emotion of Shame corresponds to the lowest frequency of vibration or lowest energy which is equal to only 20 Hz.

      At the highest levels of frequencies like 700 Hz or more, our mind enters into the state of superconsciousness. Superconsciousness is a blissful state of self realization. This egoless state is beyond the conscious and subconscious states of mind. It’s not philosophical, the science of our body says it, which can be seen in this chart of frequencies of emotions. As now we know everything in life is vibration even our mental state and emotions.

      Therefore what type of person you are, your personality, your nature and behavior also depends on types of frequencies that predominate your brain. There are repetitive patterns of neural activity in the central nervous system which are called neural oscillations or Brainwaves. The brain contains billions of neurons and these neurons are connected, on an average, to thousands of other neurons. When large number of neurons are activated simultaneously during communication between the neurons then electric pulses are produced. These electrical pulses can be detected and analyzed by placing electrodes on the scalp. This is called as (Electroencephalography) or EEG in short.

      Brainwaves are categorized into five types based on the frequency of oscillations of the electrical pulses. These types are delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma in the increasing order of frequency. You can see, the comparison between the brainwave types here in this picture- Let’s discuss each type of brainwave in short- Delta brainwaves- Delta brainwaves lie between the frequency range of 0.1 to 3.5 Hz. They have lowest frequency and largest amplitude. These brainwaves are more noticeable when we are sleeping in dreamless state. Theta brainwaves- They have frequency range of 4-8 Hz which is higher than delta brainwaves. Theta Brainwaves are repository of emotions, memories and sensations. Alpha Brainwaves- Alpha brainwaves are in the frequency range of 8-12 Hz. These brainwaves are strongest when we are fully relaxed, mentally and physically. Beta brainwaves- Beta brainwaves belong to the frequency range of 13-32 Hz. These brainwaves are more easily noticeable while we are involved in active thinking, problem solving, decision making or active conversation. Gamma brainwaves- They fall in the frequency range of 32 – 40 Hz which is highest in comparison to the frequencies of other types of brainwaves. Gamma brainwaves are found in every part of the brain.

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