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      Anna Krasko

      Affirmation Star Traveler

      You are present here, because of your decision, on the ground of your own autonomy you have felt, and you know, that it is needed to let your observation, your awareness travel around the Earth. As a star traveler from a different universe, and today as a co-bearer, co-creator – and from your own perception the creator – to bring in power, love, harmony as well as drive. It is really necessary, more than ever before, for you to understand that there is nothing outside you, just you, your own Force, that brings harmony in you and in the world.

      Bring your focus inwards, into your head, make a contact with the location of your heart. You do it with a certain matter-of-factness which stems from other times where the Force of Creation in you is still working. I always put my hand on the place close to my heart (you don’t have to do it, but if it feels fine, you can do it, too, so that you could feel the place throughout your being, your pure force, feel it physically).

      As travelers from another world, as star travelers, we have come together on Earth in this times when a lot of things are happening. And we have had a long journey and it still continues, and we have learnt plenty and we are busy unlearning a bunch. So that we could come into the very core essence of who we are in reality. We speak now from our heartfelt force of words, you speak on behalf of yourself: I am HERE, on planet Earth, the blue library of the analogue reality. I am HERE in order to bring the force of Love and Peace in my physical body. I am here so that I can bring this body, which I experience, bring it in contact with the strength of my inner being. And I am here on Earth to be, to feel and to convey the autonomous, sovereign Force, who I am in origin. No religion, no cult, no sect, you are here out of your Force. And let it be heard and felt in Earth’s every cell, that there are large groups of beings, who come to this Earth to put their awareness out of All-That-Is Consciousness’ potential. Everything being heard and said, everything not being heard or said, everything that is suppressed comes into motion because you are there. It is out of the greatest good and so it is.

      Secret Garden – Serenade to Spring https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87s99PUdaGg

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