Dogs of Madrid

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      Anna Krasko

        Dogs of Madrid

        In the Ambassadors park — different spaces to be:
        To sit tight and quiet or hang around, unbound,
        Maybe catch your breath in the shade
        At the basketball court — excitement like a razor blade,
        Body heat, thrust upwards and when they score –
        A round of applause and a loud roar.

        Seeking unity and balance with the ball,
        unity and balance with your team
        unity and balance with the whole huma-ni-ty…

        There is also space for dogs, so cool to watch.
        One playground for small dogs, one for the “grandes”.
        Dogs-locals run to the right entrance on their own accord
        And wait patiently for their human companion to open the latch.

        Here is a smudgy-white hairy ball at the gate.
        And someone greets her: Hola perrito, como estas?
        I imagine the doggie smiles, amigos here, it’s worth the wait.

        Then comes a black giant, definitely “grande”, muscles gleam,
        Once inside, regulations dropped,
        Wag the tail like crazy and join the running team.

        Then comes a tall lad and a graceful Afghan hound,
        I am touched to witness their communication.
        The guy explains something elaborately and with patience,
        The dog seems still in doubt,
        stops in her tracks
        Like a new kid in the playground.

        Dogs of Madrid, they seem at ease,
        Friendly, happy, perhaps; in the street, in the park
        Seeking unity and balance
        With one other and definitely with us.

        Anna Krasko 2023


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