Dare to Deviate? The Start – co-creatie sessie

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Date(s) - 21/05/2022
09:30 - 17:00


zaterdag 21 mei 2022 – Yfke Laanstra

Co-creatie sessie van 09:30 tot 17:00 uur

Locatie: Vinkeveen

Dit is de start bijeenkomst met de Pilot Groep van Dare to Deviate


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We are living in truly exciting times. In which technology is enabling us to reach deeper, aim higher and go further than any human has ever been before. We are able to create synthetic life, edit our genetic blueprint, build quantum supercomputers, enter virtual worlds of galactic proportions and infuse all of this with Artificial Intelligence.

This is rapidly and irreversibly changing the world we live in and invites each and everyone of us to ask ourselves these questions: ‘what is this reality I find myself in, what is it comprised of and how do I navigate it?‘ And even more so: ‘who am I and what does it mean to be truly Human in this High Tech world? #knowthyself